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Unveiling Innovation: October Dry Port Pioneers a New Era in Egyptian Logistics

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Strategically located 25 kilometers west of the industrial zone on the Al Wahat Al Baharia highway, and in close proximity to the Regional Ring Road, ODP is designed for seamless integration into multimodal transportation networks as it is connected to the country's seaports through Egypt's railway network, facilitating access, making it an ideal choice for shipping companies, freight forwarders, and import and export companies looking for efficiency and accessibility.


Connected to Egypt's railway network, ODP helps to reduce cargo traffic on roads, thereby preserving the road network, lowering operating costs, and minimizing harmful emissions to the environment.  Thanks to its latest global digital systems, October Dry Port is positioned as a pioneer in efficient and tech-driven port operations.


With an annual capacity of up to 450,000 TEUs and five railway lines with a total length of 4,300 meters in length, the port not only handles substantial cargo volumes but also prevents congestion and delays.


The project boasts a customs area spanning 400,000 square meters, and a truck waiting area that can accommodate up to 70 trucks, thus ensuring swift and streamlined customs procedures for faster cargo processing.

What sets October Dry Port apart is its commitment to providing value-added services. Beyond standard port operations, the facility offers services such as cargo stevedoring, container repair, and reefer container inspection, ensuring a comprehensive solution for shipping needs.

Furthermore, October Dry Port (ODP) plays a pivotal role in expediting the release of goods by mitigating port congestion, optimizing trading yard capacity, and streamlining customs clearance processes.

Serving as a viable alternative to traditional seaports, ODP not only alleviates pressure on existing port infrastructure but also significantly reduces waiting times, ultimately minimizing the overall duration that goods spend in ports. ODP is also dedicated to preventing disruptions in the supply chain, thereby guaranteeing time and cost efficiency for its clients.

In addition to its logistical competence, the ODP is a catalyst for economic growth, expected to generate a minimum of 3,500 direct and indirect job opportunities.


In conclusion, October Dry Port is not just a logistical hub; it's a testament to innovation, sustainability, and economic prosperity. Notably, ODP reaffirms its commitment to conducting all transactions in the Egyptian Pound, further contributing to the national economic landscape.

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