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October Dry Port Hosts Prominent Visit from 6th of October Investors Association

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

October Dry Port (ODP) was honored to host a distinguished delegation from the 6th of October Investors Association. Representing companies spanning various industries, the delegation gathered in the esteemed presence of a committee from the General Authority for Land and Dry Ports (GALDP), the General Organization for Import and Export Control (GOEIC), and the Egyptian Customs.


This exclusive gathering provided a unique opportunity for eminent guests to experience ODP's top-notch services and cutting-edge facilities firsthand, witnessing the possible opportunities for collaboration, and the practical applications of ODP's infrastructure and services.

Highlighting the strategic significance of ODP's location & facilities, the visit emphasized the port's seamless integration into multimodal transportation, including Egypt's extensive railway network linking the dry port to the country's seaports. The project's impressive features encompass a customs-bonded area covering 400,000 square meters, a truck waiting area with a capacity for up to 70 trucks, an annual capacity of 450,000 TEUs, and five railway lines totaling 4,300 meters in length.

This visit not only showcased ODP's capabilities but also underscored its dedication to offering tailored cargo services and solutions that meet the diverse needs of its clientele. Notably, ODP reaffirms its commitment to conducting all transactions in Egyptian Pounds, further contributing to the national economic landscape.

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